Language  English
ISSN   2537 - 5091 Editor-in-Chief  Petru Ciobanu
Founded   2016

First of all this site –at the address has two important purposes:

1)-Publishes the online edition of the journal entitled International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geomechanics for Gas, Petroleum and Water with the abbreviation Int. J. Rock. Mech. &Geomech.

2)-It’s a discussions forum (a round table) and a connection between the readers, authors, reviewers and editors of this journal

The website is hosted by the servers of the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti ( and was conducted by a team of students from the Faculty of Engineering of Oil and Gas. This team - coordinated by the student Bogdan Milu (Year II IPG), put into practice the requirements and indications of the Chief Editor.

This version of the site still has unfinished pages in it. These will be accomplished in time and will not affect the proper functioning of the website nor the timing of publication / posting of future appearances of the journal.

Both the students and the Chief Editor are on their first experience of designing and creating an online journal website. For this reason, any suggestion to improve this website is welcome. Anyone who has an idea to improve this website can send his/her thoughts via email to the address in the Contact page.