Language  English
ISSN   2537 - 5091 Editor-in-Chief  Petru Ciobanu
Founded   2016

1. About the Journal

1.1. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geomechanics for Gas, Petroleum and Water with the abbreviation, Int. J. Rock. Mech. & Geomech., is a scientific journal which is solely published online, on this site, for the time being. It is possible that the actual version of the site be modified (improved, completed and updated) periodically, but only at the end of every trimester. Any modification must be applied and respected with the beginning of the trimester that follows after The date of the last review.
1.2.a. The journal publishes any paper that presents, in premiere, authentic scientific achievements of their authors, regarding the following domains: Rock Mechanics and /or Geomechanics. With great priority are those papers which analyze and solve issues linked to the presence of fluids in the internal structure of discontinuous rocks (rocks saturated with gases, fluids or liquid-gas biphasic mixture) or papers in connection with the mechanical interaction of fluids with the external frontier of a certain domain occupied by rocks.
1.2.b. The content of each number (appearance) of the journal is divided into 10 categories orsections: the first section (Editorial) is no number, but others are numbered 1 to 9 (see pageContents). All papers that comply with the conditions of nr. 1.2.a are published in section nr. 1(Original Scientific Papers)
1.3. The journal is assigned to The National Romanian Group of ISRM (International Society for Rock Mechanics) with the support of the other groups in ISRM and the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Romania.
1.3.a. The National Romanian Group (RoNG) was founded in 2015, all founding members of the group being part of the academic staff of Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti. From the beginning, RoNG has prioritized the release of a journal on Rock Mechanics and Geomechanics having as target readers the specialists in the domain of petroleum and gas ( Later on, the focus of the journal was extended to “gas, petroleum and water”. In the consistency to achieve this objective, the representatives of the Group stated their aims at the official meeting of ISRM Board from 2 nd of March, 2016, in Croatia (Zagreb).
1.3.b. Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti ( was founded in 1948, functioning ever since. Up to now, more than 10.000 engineers (approximately 62 generations) have graduated from The Faculty of Petroleum and Gas Engineering. Circa 400 of them are foreign citizens from over 47 countries, all over the world.

Publication Frequency

1.4. The papers published by our journal are sorted by issues and volumes.
An issue contains all the work papers received and accepted to publication over a period of three months. Consequently, four numbers may be published over the year (one per trimester), numbered starting from 1.
1.5. The calendar with the release date of each number is indicated in the table below (see Table 1).

Table 1. The Journal’s annual programme of publication.
The release Deadline of receiving the papers by the Editor-in-chief Date of publication on the website
No.1March 15thMarch 30th
No.2June 15th June 30th
No.3September 15thSeptember 30th
December 15th
December 30th

The Journal’s objectives for the current year (2016)

1.6. The journal will be published for the first time in 2016. However, this year, only 2 editions can appear. They will be numbered from 1 to 2, and their programme will be different from the other (see Table 2).

Table 2. The Journal’s annual programme of publication for 2016
The release Deadline of receiving the papers by the Editor-in-chief Date of publication on the website
No.1September 15th September 30th
No.2December 15thDecember 30th